ART - Sand Mandala

A lesson of art and impermanence. This was a collaborative art effort by simply drawing in the sand.

These images were taken at Stiffkey beaches on the north Norfolk coast where the beaches are vast.

VIDEO CAMPAIGN - SAVE KENNEDY POINT  (Waiheke Island, New Zealand)

Dronegraphica collaborated with Universal Soup to produce a video campaign for Save Kennedy Point. The campaign aims to halt the construction of a large marina on Waiheke Island. All islands are fragile ecosystems with flora and fauna that may have developed independently from the rest of the world. This fragility was evident when we arrived to film at Kennedy Point, and witnessed an expert in local rare species rescue two Little Blue Penguins. The marina may be good from an economics and development perspective, but it is highly likely to have a negative impact on the local environment and habitat of native species. It is vital that the voice of the environment is heard, particularly from local people who know and respect it best. You can view the video HERE.

MAPPING AND 3D MODEL - EHI (Bali, Indonesia)

Emas Hitam Indonesia (EHI) translates to 'black gold' - soil. They are a young NGO that use permaculture and agroecology principles to provide regenerative solutions to empower local people in Indonesia. EHI run weekly volunteer events giving locals and travellers the opportunity to learn some of the principles of permaculture. Dronegraphica provided EHI with aerial imagery and used cloud based photogrammetry techniques to render a 3D model and digital surface model of their site. 

Dronegraphica provided EHI with aerial imagery and used cloud based photogrammetry techniques to render a 3D model and digital surface model of their site. This data will be used to redesign the current site in central Bali. The new site aims to make more efficient use of the land available, and to help increase awareness of growing produce in harmony with the environment. They are also planning to implement local waste management schemes. EHI's Facebook group can be accessed here: EHI 


Dronegraphica produced two videos for a shop in Ubud, called Falafel Warung. The videos were created to solve a local issue for the warung, people couldn’t find it nestled in amongst all the colourful, busy shops! The video (a combination of aerial and ground shots) was taken to show customers the way to the shop from the local landmark location of the football field. An aerial guided view is a unique and effective way to give directions.


An ambitious Balinese start-up enlisted the help of Dronegraphica to produce two promotional videos to demonstrate the size, location and beauty of two areas for development. The locations are within the fashionable area of Canggu. They aim to change the way that land is developed on the island for Balinese landowners. 

They will work with local landowners in the development of co-living and co-working spaces in a staged, organic way using bespoke prefabricated buildings and local building materials. Co-living is a contemporary way of life for travellers and locals alike in Bali. 

Jalan Raya Canggu video 

Jalan Padang Linjong video


Dronegraphica spent the morning with a Royal Enfield custom bike garage called 'Rag and Bone Customs' in Goa. They have produced a number of bikes that have been featured in numerous publications. Their bikes are big, loud and made in the style of choppers from Royal Enfields - India's coolest and most famous motorcycle export. We took to the beach and captured aerial footage and images for promotional use. 

See Rag and Bone Customs Instagram and Facebook for more images and information on their bikes.

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