Does Dronegraphica have the right insurance for the job?

Yes, we do. Dronegraphica work on a case by case basis with up to £1 million Public Liability Insurance in order to comply with regulations governing the drone industry. Evidence of this insurance will be provided prior to work and we can discuss insurance requirements.

Can I get a free quote/consultation? How do I know which service is best for me?

Yes you can, just get in touch either on the phone or by email and we can discuss your needs. We will then go away and estimate the cost, turnaround and if required suggest a package or service that is best for you. If you'd like a call back, just text or email your details across with an appropriate time.

Can you film anywhere in the UK?

We can fly in most places, but not in areas such as military bases, airports, prisons or crown land. We first undertake a review of your requirements to see if we can safely fly or if we need to go through a process of seeking permissions. A great website to check the airspace classifications in your area is No Fly Drones.

Which drones do you use? How long can they fly for?

We use a DJI Mavic Pro, a highly portable drone with a powerful 12MP camera that is capable of capturing video in 4K video. Quadcopter drones, under good conditions can fly for up to 25 minutes, however experience of weather and operations indicates around 20 minutes maximum for safety purposes.

What are the limitations of remotely controlled drones? What is the range?

When flying drones we must always conform to the CAA Dronesafe code, apart from exceptional circumstances where permission allows. We therefore always fly within visual line of sight (VLOS) assumed to be 500m away from the operator and up to 120m high. Drone will also only fly under certain environmental conditions, i.e. not in rain or in the extreme heat (40°c) or cold (0°c).

Are your drones safe?

Yes of course! Our drones are maintained and have a fail safe system in case of a catastrophic breakdown. Out pilots are trained and have lots of experience (we learn from our mistakes and others too!) and are cleared by the UK CAA to fly, via the Permission to Fly for Commercial Operations (PfCO). The pilot in command also holds a first aid certificate.

What software do you use to process your imagery?

There are a number of cloud based services available on the market, such as PiX4D, DroneDeploy and Agisoft. We will use the most appropriate for your needs however we do have a preference towards Drone Deploy due to personal experience and quality of exports. We also display outputs on sites such as Altizure and SketchFab and do our GIS analysis on QGIS, a free open source platform. We strive to be aware of whats out there and use the best and most effective that is available.

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