Photogrammetry in Action - Thetford Priory

Thetford Priory 

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Thetford is a market town in Norfolk well known for its large, planted surrounding pine forests. Notable historical structures include Castle Hill (an impressive motte and bailey hill), Thetford Priory and the now extinct flint industry that caused this region to boom during the flint-lock rifle times from the 17th to 18th century when worked flint was in high demand. Also there are Grimes Graves nearby, a fascinating landscape of prehistoric flint mines. I’d love to drone and map this area in future! 

Thetford Priory (a monastery) is now like many religious buildings that hail from the same era, ruined and abolished by King Henry VIII during the English Reformation. The remains are quite impressive with very visible groundworks. You can easily pick out the various rooms, if you know you the traditional layouts of monastic buildings…

During a period of no visitors I sent the drone on a DroneDeploy mission to capture the full site of 1.8 acres, which took about 15 minutes at a height of 25m. I love the way the drone moves, diligently taking images along the path, occasionally missing entirely. The future really is the drone flying itself, though this arguably isn’t as much fun as flying manually! This is a nice model to take a look and pan around/zoom in to the various features of the ruins. There is plenty of detail there and this is a good snapshot in time of the state of this protected site. 

Take a look at the MODEL and let me know what you think.

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