Photogrammetry in Action - Coniston Mine Works

Coniston Mine Works

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I recently took a trip to the Lake District and visited Coniston. I’d heard much about the ‘Old Man of Coniston’, the slate mines and slag heaps that are strewn all over so decided to hike as far up as possible (in the constantly changing weather!). I was amazed with the amount of change this mountainside has undergone from the slate mining industry. There were open pits, massive underground chambers and tunnels - great for exploring! Mid way up the Old Man was a unit that looked like it used to be an office, or a slate processing point with the odd iron track. The building was made of worked slate and was in a pretty bad condition. Displayed at the site was a notice saying that this was an ‘archaeological site’ and not to be touched, so it was treated with respect and only viewed from above.

A brief pause in the appalling (but fun) weather gave just enough time to do a 3D model run. I experienced something new here - the speed at which the battery discharges at low temperatures (it was around 4-5 degrees Celsius). The battery didn’t last for the full mission, even though it was clearly enough in app and aborted at about 75%. 

Lesson - low temperatures really do reduce the battery efficiency significantly.

The model turned out pretty well, but owing to the missed photograph opportunities due to the short run some detail is missing. I was however most impressed with the elevation profile (note the slate heaps at the lower elevation) as the drone was surveying a large slice of the slopes.

Another issue was trying to do the model on a path that is very busy with walkers (and curious dogs). During the summer this would be impossible without over flying people. I would like to come back and try to get a better model, with some extra surveys of the open pits, to see how well they capture the true depth. This was an enjoyable capture!

Take a look at the MODEL and let me know what you think.

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