Photogrammetry in Action - Battery Moltke, Jersey

Battery Moltke, Les Landes, Jersey

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Battery Moltke is located on the rugged west coast of Jersey. UK mainlanders (that’s me!) often don’t know how much the Channel Islands have to offer. In terms of World War Two archaeology, Jersey is especially rich owing to the occupation by the German military between 1940 to 1945. During the occupation concrete was seemingly poured everywhere and these large grey relics remain scattered across the island. These structures are mostly fortifications, for example gun emplacements, bunkers and the Marine Pelistand (MP) towers. In this case study MP Tower 3 or Battery Moltke. These were built as observation towers and the full programme of building works was never actually completed. The original intention was to build these to enable a full view of the sea around the island to repel any incoming forces. The five observation levels were intended to calculate the distance of a target for artillery fire using the long base method of range-finding, in conjunction with the other MP towers. 

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Using Pix4D I tried out two different data collection methods at this site - the double grid method and the circle method (see below).  When trialing the two methods independently, the longer, more detailed double grid run was superior to the fast circular method. However, I uploaded all images from both missions and found that this hybrid mix of the two yielded the best results in terms of detail.

Double Grid Method

Circular (perimeter) method

Take a look at the MODEL of Battery Moltke and let me know what you think. The results are incredible and the detail looks flawless in places - look at the spots that have started to corrode, where metal from the reinforced blocks protrude. The large cylindrical structure itself is very well represented and is a pleasure observe using the model . Also, the coastline it sits on is realistic - look at the rock faces and the angles. Its was excellent fun creating this model, it is a perfect subject with its edges and smooth curves! 

A parting thought - the next time I complete a mission, I intend to manipulate the images in Lightroom to see if I can add more clarity or bring out some more of the detail in the individual images to create more value in the model.

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