1. Flying your drone in Jersey, Channel Islands

    Date 20 May 2018
    Jersey is a wonderful place to visit when the weather is fine, its probably great pleasant when its raining and foggy too (doubt it), but I’ve been lucky with visits, hitting seriously good weather for holidays and flying. Jersey is rich in history (remnants of WWII almost everywhere you look), the locals…

  2. Flying your drone in New Zealand

    Date 11 Feb 2018
    The New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has done a great job and have a slick website called ’Airshare’. The main set of rules that a drone operator must adhere to is known as ’Part 101’. These are the basic rules for drone/UAV flight in New Zealand. There is another…

  3. A quick trip to Mount Taranaki

    Date 02 Feb 2018
    Glorious Mt. Taranaki Mt. Taranaki, ‘a difficult hike’ My Alarm goes off at 4am and I’ve had only 2.5 hours sleep because it’s been yet another spitefully hot night. We readied our mustaches (why not!?), packed 3 litres of water each, a cap, walking pole, gloves and lots of snacks, as per…

  4. Drone ‘rules’ and etiquette

    Date 26 Jan 2018
    When you get your drone, the first thing you want to do is get it out and fly it straight away. I did that, in my tiny London flat, the downdraught was so intense it wouldn’t hover and it started to edge towards the walls. I realised then I hadn’t read the…

  5. 2018 - Drone + travel = #dronelife

    Date 19 Dec 2017
    I’ve done it. I’ve left my job for some travel (currently New Zealand, Australia and SE Asian countries - to be confirmed, then onto India) with drone in 2018 and I will blog about the experiences and show some imagery/stories here. This is a period of creativity afforded by having lots of…

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