Flying your drone in Jersey, Channel Islands

Jersey is a wonderful place to visit when the weather is fine, its probably great pleasant when its raining and foggy too (doubt it), but I’ve been lucky with visits, hitting seriously good weather for holidays and flying. Jersey is rich in history (remnants of WWII almost everywhere you look), the locals are friendly. The food and drink is good and the general island atmosphere is positive with much to do and look at. The Jersey cows are an attraction in themselves, and so is the incredible clotted cream that is produced from their milk - this is the only time i’m tempted by scones, only because eating the cream straight from the tub isn’t very English. 

The island is famously known for its shape, that is, roughly 9 miles by 5. Within that there is a lot to look at, particularly from above. The islands perimeter has nice beaches and cliffs, the interior has wonderful and quite expansive countryside, with a few lakes dotted around. This added to the historical stuff means there is plenty to be taking photos of. On that, flying your drone here is easy and relaxing, but watch out for those winds that can pick up around the coastline and don’t hassle the pretty brown cows.

The Ports of Jersey/Jersey Airport have, in line with the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) created some drone flying rules (see images below) and are nothing new to the UK drone flyer. Jersey only has one area to be mindful of, and that is the airport at St. Peter. The image below (taken from Sky Demon Lite) very clearly indicates, as do the rules that you are not to fly within 2 nautical miles of the airport. Fair enough. If you do want to though you should contact the Jersey Airport ATC and keep in mind the flight paths going in and out of the ends of the runways. If for example you go to El Tico Restaurant (I recommend you do), this part of the Island is directly under the flight path of a fairly busy airport.

Sky Demon Lite - Jersey Air Map

Ports of Jersey - Drone Code

Ports of Jersey - Using a SUA

Below are some shots from my May visit. Most of the time was spent flying in an around the states of St. Ouen and St. Brelade, which, in my opinion are the best parts of the island to spend time. St. Ouen is more ‘wild’ with huge long beaches, nature reserves and massive sand dune St. Brelade feels more populated, but still retains a quaint English and somewhat French feeling.

St. Aubin Harbour

St. Aubin’s Fort

Path to St. Aubin’s Fort

St. Aubin

German WWII naval observation tower at Les Landes

Martello Tower at Ousaine Bay

View of the cliffs from Rozel

I look forward to visiting this gem of a quiet holiday destination next year! Les Écréhous is a bunch of rocks with some rather remote holiday homes on them, i’ll be going there next (look on Google Maps, it is as impressive as its 30ft tidal range).

If you have any questions on flying drones in Jersey, or require visitor inspiration, comment or send me an email!

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