Drone-discovery - Hodge Close Quarry

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When you need a drone to get a total view of something that is too difficult to access or you can’t get the height… that is a ‘drone-discovery’. Well that is what I call them!

Here is one such drone-discovery called Hodge Close Quarry in Cumbria. As you approach this giant man-made tear in the Earth’s crust you feel the rush of cold air coming from below and then the rising hot fear as you approach the edge. A strange evolutionary sensation. The massive 100m+ drop is sheer and water fills about 50% of the total area at the bottom. 

Hodge Close Quarry was a large slate excavation, as are many in the area. As this mine fell out of use in the 60’s the quarry began to flood and you can still see machinery (tracks and a mine cart) at the bottom. I have been told you can get down there, but on the day I had no idea how to do so, so left it for another time. It was cold and wet, so probably risky to find a place to descend. I believe there is access via another quarry, possibly Cathedral Quarry.

People have lost their lives here. Divers have become lost in the submerged tunnels and people have jumped to their depths from the top. This quarry is to be treated with respect!

Watch the video below and let me know if you get that sinking sensation as the drone flies over the edge! Enjoy!

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