A trip to Beachy Head

This summer I went on a trip to the south coast, as I’ve never actually been there before - i’m a northerner. Eastbourne is a fairly busy coastal town on the south coast of the UK in East Sussex. It’s largely retirement land and not to much to get on with but I did enjoy some classic fish and chips before heading west towards Beachy Head and the Seven Sisters. A good few miles of walking, on a sunny day. That is an English sunny day…

The path from Eastbourne almost immediately heads straight up a hill. Its fairly easy going but still makes you short of breath. The walk to Beacy Head is pleasant and there were a few routes. Beachy Head is a famous chalk cliff landscape of the South Downs national park on the south coast. What you have there is a spectacular set of tall, steep, slowly eroding cliffs and a pub (creatively named ‘The Beachy Head’). When you get the best part of the cliffs, don’t walk too close to the edge! - people have plunged to the bottom whilst trying to get the perfect picture… On the beach is the iconic lighthouse which has been photographed a million times before, [probably flown over by drones thousands of times too - so I did exactly that of course. We were really lucky that day because a Spitfire treated us to a short aerial show. It was to celebrate the Battle of Britain (and of course an excuse to fly a Spitfire, I would, if I could). This is symbolic of the way, with the steep, white and dominating landscape features are a part of the British psyche, as they are the barrier between us and Europe. During WW2 they were of course a very strong and physical barrier to the onslaught of the German Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe.

The Seven Sisters are about a mile on from Beachy Head at a hamlet called Birling Gap. In typical British fashion on our way the skies opened up and its start to rain hard. All I could find was the lee side of a small wall, which provided a tiny bit of shelter but still got suitably drenched (as did MANY others walking that day). The Seven Sisters are the collective name to the 7 prominent chalk cliff faces and they are a well-loved symbol of the English south coast. The weather cleared up and the drone came out and I got the images below.

Beachy Head cliffs and lighhouse

Lighthouse at Beachy Head

Nadir shot of light house

Birling Gao

Incoming tide

The rock pools

The Seven Sisters

In all the trip from Eastbourne to Birling Gap took a few easy hours of walking, with some steep sections and is a well trodden path. The only thing to be aware of is a lack of facilities in between! 

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