1. A trip to Beachy Head

    Date 03 Dec 2018
    This summer I went on a trip to the south coast, as I’ve never actually been there before - i’m a northerner. Eastbourne is a fairly busy coastal town on the south coast of the UK in East Sussex. It’s largely retirement land and not to much to get on…

  2. Passive income - 5 ways of making money with your drone (without having a PfCO)

    Date 26 Nov 2018
    In the last year I have changed jobs and given myself time to reflect on new ways of making money/earning a living, depending on where you live (such as London…) a salary may just not be enough. I’ve done this by dramatically reducing my outgoings for a start and on…

  3. 100 Years on - Remembrance Day

    Date 11 Nov 2018
    I was invited by the Deacon at St. Andrews to Church to drone a recent addition to the north side of the tower - thousands of hand-knitted and crocheted poppies. What a prime example of how we remember the fallen, 100 years on. Lest we forget.

  4. #dronesforgood - The Plastic Tide

    Date 06 Aug 2018
    I woke up yesterday to another event of a drone being used, with evil intentions in mind. Regardless of what you might think about the country of Venezuela and its ruling authority, the news of the use of drones (It looks now like it was a weaponised hexacopter) to take someones…

  5. CAP1687: Air Navigation (Amendment) - What does this mean?

    Date 24 Jul 2018
    This is has been on social media channels for a while now… there is an update to the Air Navigation Order (ANO) that comes into force on the 30th of July. The CAA document is available to view online and isn’t particularly taxing. It can be summed up nicely in the images (taken…

  6. Flying your drone in Italy

    Date 09 Jul 2018
    Santuario Madonna di San Luca Santuario Madonna di San Luca Nadir shot of the Santuario Madonna di San Luca Everyone knows just how photogenic Italy is. It has so much history, beautifully designed houses and a lot of class. It’s particularly good for drone photos too! First of all, we (that…

  7. How I got a drone ‘licence’ in the UK (PfCO)

    Date 27 Jun 2018
    To fly a drone and make some money, you need a licence right? Well, it’s not quite a licence as such a thing doesn’t (yet?) exist in the UK. What you get is actually a certification of approval from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Known as ‘permission to fly for commercial…

  8. Flying your drone in Jersey, Channel Islands

    Date 20 May 2018
    Jersey is a wonderful place to visit when the weather is fine, its probably great pleasant when its raining and foggy too (doubt it), but I’ve been lucky with visits, hitting seriously good weather for holidays and flying. Jersey is rich in history (remnants of WWII almost everywhere you look), the locals…

  9. Flying your drone in New Zealand

    Date 11 Feb 2018
    The New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has done a great job and have a slick website called ’Airshare’. The main set of rules that a drone operator must adhere to is known as ’Part 101’. These are the basic rules for drone/UAV flight in New Zealand. There is another…

  10. A quick trip to Mount Taranaki

    Date 02 Feb 2018
    Glorious Mt. Taranaki Mt. Taranaki, ‘a difficult hike’ My Alarm goes off at 4am and I’ve had only 2.5 hours sleep because it’s been yet another spitefully hot night. We readied our mustaches (why not!?), packed 3 litres of water each, a cap, walking pole, gloves and lots of snacks, as per…

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