1. The First Exhibition in a sleepy Norfolk village

    Date 21 Apr 2019
    Friday the 19th of April has been a first for me and a goal achieved for 2019!  I have exhibited and sold my imagery in a local art fair! I’ve entered four images to the New Buckenham art fair, here in Norfolk. There is a large number of art…

  2. Drone-discovery - Hodge Close Quarry

    Date 17 Apr 2019
    What3Words location: ///revamped.haggis.remover When you need a drone to get a total view of something that is too difficult to access or you can’t get the height… that is a ‘drone-discovery’. Well that is what I call them! Here is one such drone-discovery called Hodge Close Quarry in Cumbria. As you…

  3. Photogrammetry in Action - Abandoned Vehicle

    Date 10 Apr 2019
    Whilst travelling from place to place, I am always looking for an opportunity to jump out of the car and survey or photograph places of interest - that’s the purpose of my blog! Recently, I found this burnt out Ford Focus down a remote country road and couldn’t resist the opportunity…

  4. Photogrammetry in Action - Battery Moltke, Jersey

    Date 27 Mar 2019
    Battery Moltke, Les Landes, Jersey What3Words location: ///glassware.funky.coupled Battery Moltke is located on the rugged west coast of Jersey. UK mainlanders (that’s me!) often don’t know how much the Channel Islands have to offer. In terms of World War Two archaeology, Jersey is especially rich owing to the occupation by the German…

  5. Photogrammetry in Action - Thetford Priory

    Date 12 Mar 2019
    Thetford Priory  What3Words location: ///securing.eager.downs Thetford is a market town in Norfolk well known for its large, planted surrounding pine forests. Notable historical structures include Castle Hill (an impressive motte and bailey hill), Thetford Priory and the now extinct flint industry that caused this region to boom during the flint-lock rifle times from the 17th…

  6. Photogrammetry in Action - Coniston Mine Works

    Date 06 Mar 2019
    Coniston Mine Works What3Words location: ///probing.binds.unspoiled I recently took a trip to the Lake District and visited Coniston. I’d heard much about the ‘Old Man of Coniston’, the slate mines and slag heaps that are strewn all over so decided to hike as far up as possible (in the constantly changing…

  7. Photogrammetry in Action - World War 2 Pillbox

    Date 17 Feb 2019
    I’ve spent a lot of time living and flying around the Suffolk area. Taking country strolls leads to some really excellent finds. Most notably was the Pillboxes in Sudbury, which seemed to line the River Stour. Having read into this (nerd out here), the Home Guard built many of these…

  8. A trip to Beachy Head

    Date 03 Dec 2018
    This summer I went on a trip to the south coast, as I’ve never actually been there before - i’m a northerner. Eastbourne is a fairly busy coastal town on the south coast of the UK in East Sussex. It’s largely retirement land and not to much to get on…

  9. Passive income - 5 ways of making money with your drone (without having a PfCO)

    Date 26 Nov 2018
    In the last year I have changed jobs and given myself time to reflect on new ways of making money/earning a living, depending on where you live (such as London…) a salary may just not be enough. I’ve done this by dramatically reducing my outgoings for a start and on…

  10. 100 Years on - Remembrance Day

    Date 11 Nov 2018
    I was invited by the Deacon at St. Andrews to Church to drone a recent addition to the north side of the tower - thousands of hand-knitted and crocheted poppies. What a prime example of how we remember the fallen, 100 years on. Lest we forget.

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