Survey & Mapping

We enable our customers to survey land from above.

Drone surveys are fast, autonomous and much safer that doing a big walkover or working in or around hazardous areas. We can use a drone to survey your land and generate an accurate orthomosaic map (using georeferenced images) and digital surface model that can be easily used in GIS applications. If required we are happy to assist with data interpretation and getting the most out of the survey results. We will give you the outputs in the format you require.

Click HERE for an example.


We can use our drones to quickly and safely inspect any high surface, such as roofs, chimneys, industrial buildings and support structures. No need for expensive cherry-pickers or scaffolding. You can see a live feed so we can get to the places that you want to see and get the images that you want.

We inspect private, residential, industrial and commercial properties.

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